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Adaptation online

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 saves time  I increases efficiency I increases employee confidence


Do you have high turnover? Or are you having trouble training employees for new projects? Or you don't know how to retain employees? Let's meet. 

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creating a scenario
and checklists

Based on the order, we will create a draft adaptation process solution for the entire company and selected job positions. 

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Content creation

Content is king. Good adaptation doesn't work with bad content. We can create the right adaptation. 
If necessary, we will create videos and other visual material. 

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We will train you in the adaptlink system so that you and your employees are as satisfied as possible with the adaptation.

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scenario adaptation 

For each position, you can create a scenario of the adaptation process with tasks and points that employees should familiarize themselves with . In general, the worst option is to dump everything on the employee in one day. The other extreme is to say nothing and throw the employee into the workplace. 


Any scenario structure

Multimedia content of scenarios (videos / photos)

Timing of content posting

Script copying and duplication

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Do you need to create content?

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adapt both new and existing employees

From your own employee database, which you can export, you select the employees you want to adapt to the selected position. Employees are familiarized with the entire process of adaptation in advance,

on what specific date specific steps of the adaptation process will be made available.


So they know what awaits them, what they can prepare for.

For example, when they will do the evaluation interview. When can they try more advanced work etc.


The adaptation process, adaptlink for many clients also serves as a library of information and employees can refer back to the information. They can thus view procedures or instructions.

Adaptlink functions to some extent as a place for information, but also a place where you can insert simple training or instructions.

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for each step of the adaptation, you can choose a mentor who is responsible for the adaptation

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Do not worry! Adaptlink is not a personalized tool, but a helper for recording and overview of the recruitment process. The mentor you choose, who is familiar with his role as a mentor and properly trained, oversees the entire adaptation process or just a specific part. For each new part that the new employee has to get acquainted with, you choose the right mentor for the given content. 


For example, a mentor for OSH will be different than for IT and induction training when working with sensitive data.

Do you need to choose the right mentor?

The best worker is not the best mentor.

how to choose a mentor?

for each employee you can choose a scenario that the employee will go through

You do not need to install Adaptlink, it works using shortened links that are displayed in the web format of any smartphone. The employee you select for adaptation will receive a link that links to his profile. Here you will learn information about a specific step of adaptation, for example "how to record attendance" or "how to order material". The adaptation process can be started via a QR code.


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Adaptation process The HR manager or leader can control and supervise the process of adapted employees. At the same time, the adaptlink system shows feedback and comments on individual adaptation steps. For example, what they understand or don't understand. What needs to be added and improved. 

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how to choose a mentor?

Corporate radio or silent mail?

the most common source in companies is silent mail 33%

You can use adaplink to send messages to your employees. The advantage is that you have confirmation that the employee has familiarized himself with the given information, whether he understands the message.

Messages can be sent to individual segments of the organization or specific departments. We automatically offer an SMTP client, i.e. the message will be sent from your postal address. You can send any traditional files, share videos, or display maps in a message.

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how to choose a mentor?
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  • Content scripting

  • Running adaptation scenarios

  • Content creation

  • Allocation of Mentor Embedding 

  • Editing, copying, timing of scenarios

  • Fulfillment control


  • Notification of ongoing adaptation

  • Monitoring and control of all assigned adaptations

  • Confirmation of training / task completion

  • Inserting a comment on a specific adaptation step


  • Control of adaptation progress

  • Acknowledgment of adaptation

  • Comments on the progress of adaptation

 Manager / personnel officer 

  • Notification of ongoing adaptation

  • Monitoring the progress of adaptation

  • Confirmation of training / task completion

  • Inserting a comment on a specific adaptation step


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