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On boarding or adaptation?

On boarding or adaptation are actually synonyms.
On boarding is more trendy, but we at Simplehire prefer to use the term adaptation. Being on board is not quite enough. The goal is for employees to become part of the culture, to be given all the necessary information and to become engaged employees. 

How adaptation takes place in companies can be illustrated by one of our clients, for whom we created adaptation tools. The owner comments on the adaptation process as follows:

"We found that we relied too much on the individual responsibility of all employees involved. In practice, I was not sure if the initial training took place at all and to what quality." 

In fact, the adaptation takes place in such a way that a senior employee is given the task of explaining "something".
And a senior employee will also just explain something. 

Too much freedom in who instructs or trains employees in work procedures is fatal to the results of the adaptation process. Adaptation either does not occur at all or does not occur with the expected result. 

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