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How to create an adaptation 

Step #1

Analysis of the current state

As you analyze, answer a few questions. It is clear that there may be more questions that come to mind. Here you have instructions on how to proceed. 

15. How much time do we devote to adaptation

16. We measure turnover in the organization.

17. What is our turnover rate for new employees within 1 year

18. What are the reasons for leaving employees in the first year?

19. Does adaptation play a role?

  1. What information does the employee receive during the first six months?

  2. Is all the information the employee receives important?

  3. What information do employees most often lack?

  4. How do we report missing information?

  5. Do we get feedback during adaptation?

  6. What do employees ask most often?

  7. Who do employees ask most often?

  8. Are we planning the adaptation process or is it haphazard?

  9. Are we checking adaptation?

  10. Who is responsible for the success of the adaptation?

  11. Do managers have an overview of the ongoing adaptation

  12. We communicate information in a standardized way (on paper, as part of standard training)

  13. We work with adaptation checklists, or they are in the drawer. 

  14. How would I like to improve the adaptation?

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